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People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simple proves what you believe

Simon Sinek



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Intuitive Charts

Change the way your client experience financial planning. No more boring reports, tables and charts. The GoalsMapper Dashboard allows you full control and flexibility to make the discussion with your client really productive and interactive.


Complexity made simple

Financial planning has never been easier. In just a simple seven steps, GoalsMapper maps out your client’s financial goals and capabilities to precision. Clients will be amazed when they see their financial goals instantly unfold in front of their eyes.


Inclusion of Existing Plans

Meeting a client with lots of existing plans is no longer a concern, because you can input existing plans into the charts to complement your recommendations. This makes GoalsMapper an excellent tool for client’s annual financial review as well.


Access Anywhere

The online access allows you to meet your clients anywhere. High-fidelity data encryption technology is used to ensure data security. You also do not have to worry about misplacing your client’s information or storage of physical records anymore.

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Scenario Planning

Life is full of changes, and GoalsMapper cater for such scenarios. Whether it is the sale of a property or an early retirement of a spouse, the scenario feature allows you to plan for it. You can provide quality financial advice without the fear of uncertainty.



GoalsMapper allows you to include your recommendations (including financial products) in a simple yet interactive manner. The client can instantly see how your recommendations will improve his chances of attaining his financial goals. This significantly increases the chances for your clients to say ’Yes!’ to your recommendations.

The overall experience with GoalsMapper software is fantastic and intriguing. The software is efficient & easy to follow, allowing clients to gain real time insight to not only their goals and expenses, but also to how various different financial interventions can affect their short & long term futures. I would definitely recommend a consultant to a fellow friend if he was using this software to bring his ideas across.



It was eye-opening that I could see my financial life laid out in minutes and how easy to learn the impact of goals, both old and new, on my finances. For someone who is not finance-savvy, this is a very visual way of showing me in a simple manner how my goals and circumstances impact my finances.

Efren Prieto


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